Pig Pub Brewery Co.

In July 2013, the Pig in Muck opening it's very own brewery to the general public, enabling visitors to see how our beers are brewed.

Head brewer Kev Featherstone, with over 20 years in the industry, has developed a number of unique personal recipes and is now ready to share them with you all.

From pale citrus ales to ruby rustic bitters, we hope that all tastes are catered for.

We are now brewing the Pig Pub Brewery cask conditioned beers and all are available in The Pig In Muck with guest appearances of the beers at our sister pub the The Criterian over in Leicester City Centre.

Weiner Bitter  Pig Out Bitter Best Bitter  Claybrooke Bitter 

Weiner Bitter

Weiner Bitter is a straw coloured session bitter with an ABV of 3.8%. Hoppy and fruity throughout with a compounding bitterness culminating on a distinct dryness at the finish.

Pig Out

Pig Out, with an ABV of 3.9% is brewed with cascade hops which will result in pleasant bitterness whilst drinking and a fruity citrus finish. Dark and amber in colour.

Pigs Best Bitter

Pigs Best Bitter has an ABV of 4.2% is golden brown in colour with a hint of citrus. The fresh hoppiness comes through at the end with a malt finish.

Claybrooke Bitter

Claybrooke Bitter is full bodied and dark amber in colour with an ABV of 4.2% with a malty aroma. Bitter at the start with a hint of fruit in the middle of the palate and a soft hop flavour to finish.

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